About Geek vs. Grub


As of July 2016 I have moved to Glasgow. My boyfriend, Nick, now has to put up with my restaurant/food obsession on a daily basis. Luckily he’s also a bit of a foodie. Unluckily he hates fish and thus I cannot go on sushi adventures with him.


I’ve been toying with doing a blog for some time, and I ALWAYS knew it would be food based. I most definitely live to eat. Whether the food comes via the delivery man braving the cold and the wet, only to be confronted by me in my PJs salivating at the thought of the takeout he is carrying, or via a silver service waiter in a fine dining establishment (this gentleman is not subjected to me in my PJs although quite frankly if I could get away with it I probably would wear my PJs to a fancy restaurant) I love eating.

I decided to start this blog now because I will be moving. Currently, I live in a tiny village in the middle of North Wales, where the food culture is not exactly large and varied. The local Chinese has been there for 20+ years and is very much stuck in the 80’s, although I must admit there is the odd gem here and there.

In 2 or 3 months I will be moving to Glasgow! Home to, in my opinion, some of the best and most varied restaurants in the country. With a culture as rich and heterogeneous as Glasgow, the food culture is immense. Tiny little family run eateries serving good old fashioned comfort food, to fabulous fine dining where the portions are dainty and the prices are insane.

So why Geek vs. Grub you may ask? (or more likely you may not because it may be fairly obvious). I am an out and proud geek. I love all things video game, graphic novel, and anime. My shelves are stacked high with books and comics, my kindle is filled to the brim with reading material (most of which my brother finds shameful, and he often insists I don’t read real books) and my drawers are filled with PS4 games rather than clothes. I love to cook and to bake. My current plan is to eat my way around Glasgow and document the hidden gems and expose all the secret super restaurants to anyone not in the know.

I may occasionally venture into writing about the world of writing about my geekery. Games I’ve found that I enjoy, comics that surprised me.

Right, I think that’s enough about me for now. Although no doubt I’ll edit in things here and there.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you follow me on the culinary adventure around Glasgow. (Go on you know you want to the links right there, just below this page).