Bread Meats Bread – Edinburgh

My first ever experience on Bread Meats Bread, was May 2015. I was visiting Nick in Glasgow and he was adamant that I would love the burgers there. So we went, and of course he was right (although I now make it seem like it was my idea to go), the burgers are delicious and the poutine is perfect. It has since become one of our favourite places for a dinner treat, we are slowly making our way through the menu, although Nick repeatedly orders the same thing, so I suppose I am slowly making my way through the menu. Anyway, this is not a blog post about the Glasgow restaurant, this is about the Edinburgh one.

We decided to sample the delights of the Edinburgh branch. The menu is larger than the Glasgow city centre Bread Meats Bread (GCBMB, I am not repeatedly typing that haha), as is the restaurant. The average clientele for the Edinburgh branch seems to be about 5 years older than those in Glasgow. Maybe it’s because it’s a wee bit outside of the city centre. It’s nice that there’s more seating, although it’s just as busy as GCBMB.

Nick ordered his usual Animal style poutine. For anyone who doesn’t know poutine is a Canadian dish of fries, with cheese curds, which are then covered in gravy. The gravy is usually veal or chicken based, and nice and peppery. Animal style poutine adds 2 mustard fried cheeseburger patties, bacon, onions, and Bread Meats Bread’s special sauce (kind of like a cross between thousand island and burger sauce). It lived up to its counterpart  in GCBMB, named Monkey style poutine. The gravy was peppery and rich, the cheese curds were great and retained their bouncy quality. The portion you get is insane and is Bread Meats Bread’s secret star/value for money item.


I decided to order something that isn’t on the GCBMB menu. Big mistake. It’s not on there for a reason. I’ve never disliked anything I’ve ordered from Bread Meats Bread before, but the Teriyaki Burger. It’s meant to be a Teriyaki glazed burger with a miso ‘slaw. Well, the burger shrivelled to nothing and had no flavour, neither of beef nor or teriyaki. It was burned and leathery. The coleslaw was horrendous, it was just an oil pile of raw cabbage. I’m not sure if the dressing split and I just got all the oil, or if it was intentionally like that.

On the upside, the sweet potato poutine was delicious as always.

They did knock 30% off the bill for the burger. Seems generous, but I left more than half of it. I have noticed the burger no longer seems to be on their menu.

So all in all the Edinburgh branch of Bread Meats Bread left me craving the original. Maybe it was just an off night, but my burger made me sad. I’d recommend visiting the Glasgow city centre branch any day, even if it requires you waiting 45 minutes for a table, it really is that good.

Find their menus here

Their facebook links follow Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow West End, and Edinburgh.




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