Taste Buchannan 1 – Chompsky

For those of you who don’t know, Buchannan Galleries have a new food court. They rent small spaces to small businesses, for varying amounts of time. I think they have 6 or 7 spaces. The business spaces surround a small seating area. You simply pick which place you want your food from, order, and they’ll call you up when it’s ready. Find information about their current businesses here and here.

Last week Nick and I ventured to Chompsky. When we went Chompsky’s menu consisted of Bao. Now bao are one of my favourite things. They’re essentially filled sticky buns. Anyone who’s ever played Sleeping Dogs might know them from the street vendor who constantly says “You look like you need a pork bun”. The bao are bread like but have a little more chew, and thus have a sticky texture.

Typically we ended up picking the same thing, Korean fried chicken bao with asian slaw, and a side of sweet potato fries with Sriracha mayo. We both had Strawberry and peach iced tea.

So the fried chicken was good. Moist and well cooked, but not quite what I was hoping for. Korean fried chicken if it comes with sauce, to me, it should be smothered in the stuff. I was a wee bit sad with the small squiggle of sauce on the chicken. The reason I’m sad is because it was a really good sauce. It was described as a Korean BBQ sauce but I think it was closer to a Yangnyeom sauce. The bao itself was a little disappointing, I found it a little tough and a bit dry. Maybe it had just been sat about too long. The main problem with this is that Kimchi Cult do amazing bao (2 for £7), and fabulous Korean fried chicken, so I was just left feeling a little cheated paying £5 for this. The asian slaw was very tasty. Crunchy veg, and a sesame based dressing, what’s not to like. Sweet potato fries are one of my favourite things, and these were great but again they were stingey with the sauce. The may was lovely, tangy and garlicky, but there just wasn’t enough. It felt like it was there for presentation rather than anything else. The iced tea wasn’t much to write home about either. The flavour was weak, and it cost £3 a serving.

So overall I’m excited to see what else Taste Buchannan has to offer, but I found Chompsky a bit of a let down. They’re changing their menu next week to Mexican cuisine. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Korean food seemed innovative, a wee bit unique. Meixcan feels over done.

If you do want to visit them find them on Facebook or their website.


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