Once Upon a Tart

So after a day of travelling on Friday a good hearty breakfast (or in our case) brunch was needed. Nick has been trying to take me to Once upon a tart for months but for one reason or another it just never panned out. So finally I was getting to go to the delightful Alice in Wonderland inspired cake shop. The décor in this place is amazing. Shabby chic, and a definite mad hatter’s tea party vibe going on. The eclectic mix of furnishings just add to the enchanting nature of the establishment.

Now to call this place a cake shop is an injustice. Whilst their vast array of cakes and tray bakes prove ever so enticing, they also provide sustenance in the form of a brunch menu, paninis, sandwiches and soup.

I chose the American style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. A firm favourite for me. I ordered a pot of Darjeeling tea.

Now to me a pot of tea (unless stated otherwise) serves around 2 or maybe 3 cups. The pot of tea presented to me would have quenched the thirst of the entire card army belonging to the Queen of hearts. It was great value for money at £3.60. The pancakes were delightful. Light and fluffy, and the soaked up the syrup wonderfully. 4 pieces of crispy bacon crowned this delicious dish. If you’ve had the bacon/maple syrup/pancake combination before and enjoyed it then this dish won’t disappoint. If you haven’t well I suggest you try it. Mostly savoury with a mouth watering touch of earthy sweetness that maple syrup brings to any dish.

Nick decided to have the welsh rarebit.


Now as a welsh girl this dish has a special place in my heart. If you’ve never heard of or tried welsh rarebit its a warm comforting dish of essentially cheese on toast. Now I won’t go into too much detail about what it is as there are so many variations (click here for more information), essentially it is a cheese sauce layered onto bread and grilled until crispy. Usually beer is added, as is Worcestershire sauce. As it was made in once upon a tart I believe that added some Worcestershire sauce, and a little mustard. My only problem with the welsh rarebit was that it really could have done with being grilled a little longer, as the top was barely crispy. It was however perfectly seasoned, if lacking a little chilli or Cayenne heat for my tastes. Nick thoroughly enjoyed it, and quickly scarfed the whole plate down.

The staff at Once Upon a Tart are lovely. They were more than happy to let me take as many photos as I wanted. The service is quick and delivered with a smile. What more could you ask for. Sadly I was too full to try any of their cakes, but the selection looked fabulous. The temptation of a warm Mars bar brownie was almost too enticing to resist. I can assure you I will be visiting again, only this time to dine upon their delectable looking sweet selection. The prices are more than reasonable. I think everything we ordered came to less than £14, which considering the position sizes was nothing short of a miracle.

They also offer afternoon tea for 2 for the very reasonable price of £20.

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